• $100 per session with post telephone support included.
  • Distance beyond 10 miles (from Granby, CT) incurs surcharge.

Why Hire Me?

What’s involved in a consultation?

  • Having difficulty getting your baby latched comfortably?
  • Having pain with breastfeeding?
  • Experiencing cracked or bleeding nipples?
  • Is your baby is not gaining enough weight or having enough wet diapers?
  • Your doctor or pediatrician recommends you be seen?
  • Giving supplemental feedings of formula to your baby and you wanted to exclusively breastfeed?
  • You just want a professional to observe and evaluate a feeding?
  • Want to find out how much milk your baby is getting?        
  • Not happy with your breastfeeding experience  or your previous breastfeeding experience didn’t go as well as you would have liked and want to make it better this time?
  • You have lots of questions and need answers and support? 

Mother's Milk  Lactation Consultation

How much does a consultation cost?

Why Hire a Lactation Consultant?

  • Consultation take about 1 hour in your home during a feeding session in which I observe, make recommendations, and develop a plan with you.
  • Milk weight conducted as part of consult to determine milk intake and infant’s weight.
  • Collaborative plan communicated to medical providers.

Helping parents feed their babies

  • As a healthcare professional, I collaborate with you and your medical providers to achieve your feeding goals, whatever they may be.
  • I have the knowledge and experience to assess and diagnose any concerns related to your feeding situation and develops a plan with you.
  • Previous clients have stated this service has been positive because I am receptive to making a plan that meets the nutritional needs of the baby while making a manageable plan for your new family. Read a testimonial below!
  • The cost of formula alone makes the usual 1-2 consultations needed well worth the investment

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