My Philosophy​​

As parents of your baby, how you feed your baby is often your first parenting decision. My goal is that you make an informed decision and if you need assistance, I am available to help you reach your breastfeeding goals. I have the experience, knowledge and techniques that can make this a wonderful experience between you and your baby. For some parents, breastfeeding poses some challenges and usually they can be overcome with 1-2 consults which parents mostly say was money well spent.

I look forward to helping you reach your breastfeeding goals!

Joan Kuhnly
Owner Mother’s Milk Lactation Consulting

  • Registered Nurse since 1985 (RN)
  • Experience in Maternal Newborn Nursing including NICU since 1988
  • Board Certified Neonatal Nurse Practitioner since 1991 (NNP-BC)
  • International Board Certified Lactation Consultant since 1999 (IBCLC)

My Experience

Mother's Milk  Lactation Consultation

Joan Kuhnly, Owner


  • Licensed as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN)​
  • Certified Nurse Educator (CNE)
  • Private Practice in Lactation services since 1998
  • Researcher in preterm infants and breastfeeding
  • Specialty in multiples (twins, triplets, etc)
  • Mother of five breastfed children, including twins.

Helping parents feed their babies

"Joan was able to visit my husband and I in very short notice to troubleshoot our breastfeeding issues, answer my many questions, and reassure us if all our positive accomplishments so far into or newborn's life.

She has brought professionalism, humor, and a great bedside manner that made me sure of myself and my abilities.

Breastfeeding may be natural, but knowing how to be successful and ensure the correct latch, holds, and various nuances is not guaranteed. I recommend every mom meet with a local lactation consultant, and if you live Farmington valley, Joan is the best! I can't imagine how I would have been able to breastfeed without her."  --Marina


My husband and I welcomed our first child in December. We met Joan in the hospital, and immediately asked if she was available to come to our home for a breastfeeding consult. She was available the next day (we left the hospital on Sunday and she came Monday). I can't tell you what a relief it was knowing she was coming that second day home with our new baby. I don't think I struggled as much as some friends of mine did, but I still felt uncertain about whether our baby boy was getting enough to eat, if I was doing it right, and pretty much every other worry new moms have. 

Our son was 6 lb 2 oz and had low blood sugar for the first few days after his birth, so we had to supplement with a special formula. She assisted us with figuring out how best to do this. Joan brought her scale with her, so once I fed him, she was able to weigh him and tell us that he indeed was getting plenty of milk during his feedings! She also assisted with making sure his latch was good, and gave me some questions to check with the pediatrician at our first appointment regarding the supplement and our plan going forward, etc.  The pediatrician was also thrilled that we had enlisted her help!

I highly recommend Joan. Even after the appointment, she made herself available via text for a quick question here or there, which is invaluable, because questions do come up later on and it's wonderful to have an incredible resource like Joan available to us!  --Victoria